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Wednesday March 21st 2018



And The Academy Award Goes To…

Nelson Riddle‘s score for the Great Gatsby won him the Academy Award in 1975. Andre Previn was first approached to do the score; as he did not want to score a movie Mia was in (his wife at the time), he suggested to David Merrick that he call Nelson. Director, Jack Clayton, like Merrick, wanted an authentic 1920′s soundtrack. In his nearly one hour of music, Nelson captured the restless spirit of “The Roaring Twenties” with muted trumpets, bracing cornet solos, wah-wah muted trombones, oompah tubas, and the “potted palm” sound of violins and tinkling pianos. As Peter Levinson states, “In reality, he was re-creating much of what he had heard at home while growing up in that era, and, in effect, displaying his talent as a music historian. He managed to get Paramount to hire Tom Mack, an old friend from the Charlie Spivak band, to produce the album, which went gold.” The highlight of the score was seventy-six-year-old Nick Luca’s rendition of Irving Berlin’s classic mencholy ballad, “What’ll I Do?” Nelson later said “The Great Gatsby rejuvenated me.”


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