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Friday February 23rd 2018



A Letter From Our President Mrs. Rosemary Riddle Acerra

(Nelson Riddle Appreciation Society “Nelson’s Notes” ARCHIVES, Fall 2008)

As Nelson’s Notes moves into a new phase of it’s existence (available in color as a pdf download in addition to the printed b&w copy) we would like to thank Alan Wright (pictured at the Nelson Riddle Library) on behalf of all members for his dedication to Nelson Riddle’s music and for founding the Nelson Riddle Appreciation Society.

Alan has brought many of Nelson’s fans together while sharing his vast knowledge of Nelson’s career with both new fans as well as lifelong fans of Nelson Riddle. Alan shared personal reminiscences as well writing some very informative articles about Nelson’s work. One such regular feature was his column about a particular song that Nelson arranged more than once for different artists e.g. I Get Along Without You Very Well – four times.

The good news for all of us is that Alan will continue to contribute columns to the newsletter on a regular basis (Alan, you didn’t think we’d all let you away lightly, did you?). The other good news about Alan is the news about his recovery. When I last spoke to him he mentioned that he was almost fully recovered.

Alan Wright first contacted me through our eldest brother, Skip; I was very excited that a Nelson Riddle newsletter even existed. This was back in 1998; I received my first issue of “Nelson’s Notes”, actually Newsletter No.13 with a photo on the front of Dad and Vic Lewis from the cover of “Vic Lewis Swings Nelson Riddle”.

1998 for the Riddle siblings was quite a challenge; we ended up in a serious legal battle to acquire the royalties our father had left to us in his will. We won the legal battle and are happy to say that Alan gets a great deal of credit for keeping me positively focused in the battle that ensued for the next seven years.  The years since our victory in 2005  have continued to be a true education thanks to Alan and his dedication to Dad’s music.

The Nelson Riddle newsletter will live on; it has gotten to be a bit much for Alan. We are amazed he was able to do it so well for over ten years. He is obviously passionate about the music of Nelson Riddle. It is time for us to take it from here. There will be a team to continue the newsletter; additional technical assistance will come from Michael Acerra and Danielle Acerra.

We encourage you to join the Nelson Riddle Appreciation Society and we welcome members of the Society to contact us at  We are looking for your comments on what the music of Nelson Riddle means to you.

As the one of my siblings who receives the contacts through our website, I read the many stories that people share with us about specific Nelson Riddle arrangements or compositions. I also share these with the other five Riddles. The other day, someone told me they heard some music in a doctor’s office and, although it was not totally familiar, they knew it was written by Nelson Riddle because of the harmonies and certain figures Dad would choose that became synonymous with his “sound”. This is only one of so many little opportunities I have had to hear of the joy that Dad’s music has brought to people around the world for the last six decades. It seems to take people to a moment or period in their life that was happy.

One of my hopes in this next year is to achieve a double album of soundtracks from two of the great television programs Dad did: Untouchables and Route 66. I have been asked by many people about the music for these two hit TV shows.  As both are out on DVD, the timing is right!

We hope to gain many new members of the Nelson Riddle Appreciation Society and we welcome back all original members as well!

Kindest regards,


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