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Fantastic Rehearsal for Tomorrow’s Monroe Show

October 1, 2010 -

If tonight’s rehearsal in Rumson, NJ was any indication of what’s to come tomorrow, the audience is in for a real treat.  With Lou Marini (BluesBrothers Band) on leading the  sax section, the band is fine tuned and on the top of their game.  Lou Marini was a member of the orchestra for Nelson’s last live performance at Pier 17 in New York City in September 1985.  A big thanks to Father Manning and the Holy Cross staff in Rumson for opening their doors to the Nelson Riddle Orchestra for rehearsal space.

Listening to my grandfather’s charts (Nelson Riddle) on CD is wonderful… Hearing them performed live by extremely talented musicians is a whole different ballgame.  The combination of my Uncle Chris (Christopher Riddle) leading the band with Nelson’s original charts is something to behold.  I am thrilled beyond belief to be involved in presenting my grandfather’s music to audiences in this day and age.  This endeavor is truly a family affair… My Mother Rosemary (Nelson’s daughter) is the Matriarch of this ensemble.  I am the Assistant Manager, my wife Janet Acerra is the Production Coordinator, my sister Danielle Acerra Kiernan is the Librarian, and her husband Francis Kiernan is the General Manager.  And my father Joe Acerra helps out wherever needed and often comes through with last minute saves.

With a promising show tomorrow (Saturday October 2nd) in Monroe Township, NJ, and then the LA Jazz Festival in California later this month, the sky is the limit and the Nelson Riddle Orchestra will blow the roof off any venue in it’s path.

The ship is setting sail and to miss it would be a shame!

The Best Is Yet To Come,

Michael Acerra

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