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Wednesday March 21st 2018



Kickstarting the Nelson Riddle Orchestra’s bid for WOMEX

Help the Nelson Riddle Orchestra get to Womex
Help the Nelson Riddle Orchestra get to Womex
The Nelson Riddle Orchestra has, for the past three years, been in redevelopment by the Riddle family and we are now thrilled to be able to say that we are ready to hit the big time once again. As most of you know we’re not loaded since Nelson was primarily a pen for hire, despite the phenomenal success of his writing and performances. We have invested everything we have to get the project this far and are now asking you, the fans to give us a little push to get over the next hurdle… to attend the major market places WOMEX (World Music Expo) and APAP (the American Expo).

Currently the Orchestra is seeking funds to get us to WOMEX which will be held in Denmark this October. The fundraiser is on, an online fundraising website where pledges are made and charged if the funding goal is met. Our goal is $16,500 and we have until September 24. If you have a few dollars to spare or know others in a position to keep this phenomenal legacy alive and kicking please visit:

One unique aspect to this fundraiser is that we have some great rewards for pledges of different levels of support from Nelson Riddle merchandise right the way through to having the Orchestra come play at your local club house or even your back yard… weather permitting of course!

NRO Kickstarter Project Page:
For more on Womex:

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